Nuha Zurub Kawar
نهى زعرب قعوار
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نهى زعرب قعوار
أشعار نهى زعرب قعوار

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لماذا - Why
2010-05-06 04:13:35

"لماذا"شعر نهى زعرب قعوار
الترجمة إلى الإنجليزية أديب قعوار Translated by: Adib S. Kawar
Why? By: Nuha Zurub Kawar
Why melodies sorrows they became to stray and throw us? and the pulse of our veins O my homeland are like swards calling us? Why sorrows and days constraint and hurt us? And in the eye revolting tears remain s...ometimes Why O my homeland epoch autumn became to distress us? and severs every song telling about our tragedies A deep wound my tears they cut Exhausting us is misery and all what in us it changed Passed away is the time of good luck and our past it leaked intoxicated and blessed us… and what is in our hands it forfeited The night of love is yearning that delights and cures us A melody that to enrapture us it used if our songs lament After him sick we became… O God who shall cure us?Why together silence unites us then disperses us Disarray us one from other then make us laugh… then weep A brother who in our blood lived between our hands he was killedTime we lived wronged and fear we lived fagged The strangeness in our tales… the rupture of our people in us Love’s flowers withered and our streams dried Why does blood in my land shouts calling in us Our heart’s wound, O my homeland is deep in our deserts My sward rusted, and my “owd”* a knife it became A rock in my homeland’s hills in our hands it burst To stone a cunning, treacherous and our land’s occupier Our land with coarseness you entered… and our people you dislodged And nothing is left but my pen for our past to write

*From her book: “The Yelling of Pride”